About Safety Signal in Millis, Massachusetts

At Safety Signal, our security and surveillance systems provide continuous defense against potential danger. Our service and technical personnel will design a custom system tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Licensed technicians will install high quality equipment, with attention to both security needs and aesthetic detail. Your system will then be continuously monitored to keep you safe from intruders.

A Sensitive Issue

Security is, of course, a very sensitive issue. Even beyond our technical expertise and skill at customized installations, we appreciate the trust that attends our service relationship. We provide an uncommon level of customer support, making ourselves available at all times for questions and guidance.

Installing a security system is not simply a matter of wiring discreet boxes to your windows and walls. We must accommodate procedures and codes, staying alert for informative signals, during your busy day. The proper functioning of your security net depends on your involvement. We are here to help.

Uninterrupted Protection

Safety Signal's "extra sensory protection" is uninterrupted. We provide an efficient surveillance service to our clients and subscribers, monitoring your systems day and night. When a danger or distress signal is activated, the information is ours instantly. We check the source of the code and, within seconds, verify the alarm with you over the telephone.

Is this a false alarm? Tell us your code word to restore the "all-clear." Does the alarm indicate an intrusion? We alert the local police immediately, providing cogent details about the time and place of the suspicious incident. Because of our rapport with local police personnel, your emergency receives top priority. Plus, we maintain a thorough record of your codes and responses.

Contact us today in order to obtain a free estimate on our security systems.