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Safety Signal is an independent, full-service security company owned and operated in Massachusetts, providing security throughout the Northeast. We will design, install, service, and monitor a security system tailored to your needs.

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A Terrifying Situation

Your neighbor's invincible wall has been scaled, vandals leaving an indelible record of their visit—right up the street, a daytime burglary. The police call it an "amateur job." Entry through a window screen, exit right out the front door.

The need for a security system has never been more immediate or more close to home. In the face of personal vulnerability and jeopardy to your property, you require a comprehensive safety net: an assemblage of protective technical eyes and ears, a constant video surveillance network to guard your residence, workplace, and life.

Security You Can Trust

Safety Signal more than answers the call. We provide specialized answers to today's complex security challenges. Since our founding in 1960, our staff of security professionals has established a protective net throughout the Eastern New England area, linking homes and business facilities to responsive security resources via sophisticated technological equipment as well as the highly personal relationships we enjoy with our subscribers. This is what we call "Extra Sensory Protection."

We appraise each situation, every window, and every door and corridor, determining the most appropriate and effective security system for your needs. Often, we recommend equipment from a variety of manufacturers, selecting components that precisely fit exacting requirements. Always we strive to match the level and operating complexity of our installations with the lifestyles of our clients.

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